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THE HISTORY of the Path of the Sculpted Stones

Since 1992, the sculpture symposia have produced a significant amount of works. The association wanted to make these original creations available to the public in a unique bucolic environment.

Only a part, because some works have been offered to surrounding municipalities or acquired by individuals. Still others are scattered around the village of Menet and the surrounding area: town hall wall, monument square, entrance to the Chemin de Panchouly, lakeside, village of Roudailhac...


Section (1) of the carved stone path was restored by the Menet Animation Committee in 1996. It has become this permanent artistic place since 1998 in total harmony with the site, since many themes, in particular the water, fire, wind, weather, light, are directly related to nature.

The development of the hiking trails and walks of Menet was an opportunity to carry out its extension. The municipality and volunteers have done a remarkable job. This second section (2), welcomed its first visitors in May 2009.


The “Pierres de Menet” association aims to continue this work over time and complete this magnificent journey. It is at your disposal, we are counting on you to preserve its exceptional character.


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